Rewinding, repairing & servicing!

We offer personalised and on time services in turnkey execution of electrical installations. Our vast experience makes us adept in conceptualising and designing. This ensures complete satisfaction to our esteemed clients, most of them patronise us for our quality and commitment.

Industrial Electrification

  1. Transformers and D.G.Sets including AMF and Synchronising Panels.
  2. Power Conditioning Equipment including Servo Stablizers, Isolation Transformers, UPS etc.
  3. Power Distribution - PCC, MCC and Distribution Boards.
  4. Lighting including task lighting and specialised lighting applications and controls.
  5. Power Distribution Wiring and Busbars for Machines.

Commercial Electrification

  1. Augmentation of Power Supplies from various sources.
  2. Stablised. Redundant and Uninteruped Power Supply for essential and critical loads, including Servers etc.
  3. Board Room and Conference Room equipment and lighting management system and control for Video Conferencing etc.
  4. Asthetically appealing lighting ensuring comfortable working.
  5. Low Voltage Systems including Voice, Data, Fire Detection and Fire Alarm, Security and Door Access Systems.

Residential Electrification

  1. We have a professional approach to understand the concept and design the electrical system as per client's requirement.
  2. Modern Lighting techniques with emphasis on energy conservation.
  3. Co-ordiantion between electrical and low voltage system including telecom and security services, is well taken care of.